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Purse hangers

Purse hangers made with SWAROVSKI® ELEMENTS

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Quite new but already very popular accessories – purse hanger is also presented in Mont Bleu assortment.


Hard to name a gift same useful and original as purse hangers decorated with crystals (made with SWAROVSKI® ELEMENTS), probably only a crystal nail file. Practical, yet still fascinating due to various decoration designs this item could be a great gift idea. Decoration allows choosing from simple once up to glamorous, depending on your needs.


Purse hangers that could lift up to 20lbs or 10kg, meaning that even very stuffed bag could be hanged on it. No worries, where to put bag at cafe or restaurant, even at office space, bag will be always within arm reach.


Feel free to browse through our selection and then choose compact mirrors that will go with these purse hangers. Wholesale customers are welcome to ask custom designs.