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Promo items made with Swarovski Elements

with Printed LogoGlass nail filesKey ringsBeauty and personal accessorieswith Swarovski crystalswith Sandblasted Logowith 3D labelCrystal nail filesKey chains

Decoration with Swarovski crystals is one of the fanciest ones, as well as logo putting. Our clients are welcome to choose from any type of logo putting technique we use.


Logo from Swarovski crystals, whether it’s on its own or combined with silk printed or sand-blasted logo makes your customized product unique.  


Unique promotional items hand decorated with Swarovski crystals: crystal nail files, key rings, compacts mirrors.


Designing a good logo is not a simple task and requires a lot of involvement from the marketing team and the design agency. We understand how much efforts and time were expend that is why we offer you only best Swarovski crystals and best applying and decoration techniques.


As well as our logo applying techniques crystals could be applied on different surfaces, which automatically widen possible logo products from Mont Bleu assortment.