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Quality eyebrow tweezers

Eyebrow tweezers from stainless steel with Swarovski crystals

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Since very early beginnings humans were trying to “correct” eyebrows. Ancient Chinese warriors used to dye their eyebrows, so the face expression will scarify their enemies. 

Ancient Egyptians used a lot of make up tools that,  we use nowadays including tweezers and wax depilation.  During the cruel time of inquisition, when everything was prohibited including physical attractiveness, women had to shave their foreheads, pluck eyebrows and eyelashes.

In Central Asia, women still dye their eyebrows with surma (type of vegetable) to grow them, and make darker, of course they use different types of eyebrow tweezers to pluck.

We use waxing, plucking, and trimming and so on to make eyebrows look perfect. Today most common way is to use tweezers to shape eyebrows, and get a look you want to.

Suggestion is that first you use help of professionals to shape and enhance, and then just to follow the line and pluck hairs growing out of shape.

Mont Bleu has a large assortment of tweezers for you to use. All of them made of stainless steel, with rubbed surface to prevent slipping. Any color, any shape, any amount of Swarovski crystals, we have probably everything.

Eyebrow tweezers Swarovski