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Swarovski glass nail files

Glass nail files made with Swarovski Elements

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Glass nail files with Swarovski crystals in simple designs are popular and affordable luxury items from Mont Bleu assortment.

The designs are not the most fascinating side of these glass nail files type, but less SWAROVSKI® ELEMENTS used in decoration require less work, and this fact gives a big price advantage.

Specially created for mass-market, small chains and local pharmacies glass nail files with simple designs targeted on special price bracket. Also, these type of Swarovski glass nail files are ideally fit into strict spending budget of some companies (inc. promotional events, corporate giveaways).

As all our selection, glass nail file made with Swarovski crystals in simple designs have same outstanding qualities. For more crystals on glass nail files, visit our Luxury crystal nail files collection. Visit plain glass nail files page to view our color and clear glass nail files.