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Crystal nail files

Hand decorated crystal nail files from Czech Republic

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Crystal nail files are obviously could be considered as gift or a souvenir.


Step aside from hoar magnets, cup and T-shirt as souvenirs from your trips. You don’t have to waste your time picking the right size of shirt; glass nail files have universal sizes, fit everyone.


No need to buy a cup that might be broke within hours, no falling magnets from the fridge anymore; crystlanail files are the solution. Useful, beautiful and affordable souvenir to bring from vacation.


As for gift ideas, our crystal nail files were ranked as one of the best Mother’s Day gifts. Again no need to look for something you might not even find, Mont Bleu assortment allows you to find ideal present fro every occasion and for everyone.


For detailed information about designs, colors, sizes or production technology, please visit crystal nail file part of our website.

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